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Green Building Material

The concept of sustainable building incorporates and integrates a variety of strategies during the design, construction and operation of building projects. The use of green building materials and products represents one important strategy in the design of a building.

Green building materials offer specific benefits to the building owner and building occupants:

  • Reduced maintenance/replacement costs over the life of the building

  • Energy conservation

  • Improved occupant health and productivity

  • Lower costs associated with changing space configurations

  • Greater design flexibility

1. Research. This step involves gathering all technical information to be evaluated, including manufacturers' information such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test data, product warranties, source material characteristics, recycled content data, environmental statements, and durability information. In addition, this step may involve researching other environmental issues, building codes, government regulations, building industry articles, model green building product specifications, and other sources of product data. Research helps identify the full range of the project’s building material options.

2. Evaluation. This step involves confirmation of the technical information, as well as filling in information gaps. For example, the evaluator may request product certifications from manufacturers to help sort out possible exaggerated environmental product claims. Evaluation and assessment is relatively simple when comparing similar types of building materials using the environmental criteria. For example, a recycled content assessment between various manufacturers of medium density fiberboard is a relatively straightforward "apples to apples" comparison. However, the evaluation process is more complex when comparing different products with the same function. Then it may become necessary to process both descriptive and quantitative forms of data.

3. Selection. This step often involves the use of an evaluation matrix for scoring the project-specific environmental criteria. The total score of each product evaluation will indicate the product with the highest environmental attributes. Individual criteria included in the rating system can be weighted to accommodate project-specific goals and objectives.

Commercial & Residential Buildings

The face of construction is rapidly changing as technology is revolutionizing the industry. It means we are able to deliver more efficient, cost-effective buildings and infrastructure. Digital design combined with sophisticated project management software, materials technology, automation, robotics and parallel delivery of project activities traditionally delivered in sequence, translates to dollar savings and early project completion and asset utilization.

Using end-to-end project applications such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), means that modulated components can be fabricated with minimal wastage and to optimal quality, logistically managed using a ‘just in time approach’, construction optimized through the improvements to delivery methodology and offering unparalleled benefits to our customers during the operations of the asset.


At the heart of our services is our engineering expertise, and this combined with our resources and experience across every facet of the civil and buildings spectrum means we always meet project demands with skill, commitment and vision.

Our teams are able to validate concepts and scope projects as well as provide detailed designs, taking into account economic, social and environmental factors and creating the right cost, quality and efficiency outcomes. We are committed to improving the whole-life performance of built environments, combining function and form whilst remaining efficient and future-proof.

Our engineering capability within the civil and buildings disciplines includes:

  • Material selection

  • Modular components and precast

  • Temporary works

  • Pavements

  • Structures

  • Design and construction technology

  • Concrete substitute technology

  • Reinforcement detailing

  • Geo-technical analysis & interpretation 


NORTH AMERICA POWER & INFRASTRUCTURE CORPORATION is an international manufacturing company that is widely known in all of Americas, its expertise is specializing in design & development of infrastructure. NAPIC is known for its exceptional creativity in their design package of various design with our clients.

Our firm has a complete engineering design capability from conception to a complete design package with a wide spectrum of infrastructure projects globally, from refinery infrastructure up-grades, power plant design engineering to modern day transportation projects.

Our company’s goal for clients is to be competitive in a vast competitive industry and to establish a long term successful relationship for many years. Our highly professional term can advise our clients the best and most efficient way to achieve maximum effort and gain success.

We know that our success, and the success of our projects, is based on our people. Regardless of where we work or what we’re working on, we’re committed to the development of motivated, competent people and through them the achievement of excellence. 

We work hard to attract and retain talented employees, and we provide opportunities for rich career experiences, and a strong framework for on-going career development. 

Our focus is set firmly on fostering a high performance culture, reinforced by our values of integrity, innovation, collaboration, accountability and care. These values are distilled into our fundamental principles, and clearly set expectations for the relationships we build with our customers, service providers, sub-contractors, partners, the community and importantly, with each other. 

We are committed to building, valuing and promoting diversity and inclusiveness across NAPIC.  We know that diverse perspectives ultimately result in greater innovation and better decisions – underpinning our business success

Our People & Culture approach is comprised of strategic objectives that create an agile, leadership driven and high performance culture to enable us to rise to the challenges that lie ahead.



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